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Ellenbrook Ladies scoring goals for Women’s Football

The popularity of Women’s football has exploded around the nation since the media success of the Matilda’s World Cup campaign on home turf, and Ellenbrook is no different.

Elise Cunningham, the vice-captain of the Ellenbrook United Football Club’s central state Div4 team, said that despite only forming this season, the Ellenbrook team already has a good chance at the title.

Coached by the 2024 coach of the year, Christine Coppin, Elise thinks there are great things in store for the women’s game in Ellenbrook, and she has written an article about the team, hoping to gain even more exposure and inviting women of all ages and skill levels to join the club.

“EUFC’s mission is to establish ourselves as the premier club in the Ellenbrook and surrounding area, excelling across all levels of competition,” she said.

ELLENBROOK UNITED F.C (EUFC) is a fast-growing, dynamic football club in Ellenbrook and surrounding region in the city of Swan, Western Australia. Established in 2008, EUFC moved into the newly purpose-built facility, the Ellenbrook sports hub, Verbana Drive Aveley in 2017. The FIFA certified artificial turf and equipment make EUFC home ground one of the best in the state.

EUFC junior and senior teams train and play at the home ground facility. Today EUFC is one of the largest clubs in the state with over 700 members and players both boys/men and girls/women as young as 4 right through to over 45’s.

 At EUFC our vision is clear, to foster competitiveness, strive for success, inspire players to derive joy from the game and ensure the continuous growth of our club.

Achieving this by competing in higher league division, providing opportunities for quality coaches to develop exceptional players and ultimately enabling our youth and senior squads to reach the prestigious NPL level.

Committed to constant improvement and evolution, striving to better both ourselves and the club. Upholding positive cultural attitudes and professionalism is paramount, ensuring that all our members relish the game and take pride in being part of our vibrant community. 

EUFC’s mission is to establish ourselves as the premier club in the Ellenbrook and surrounding area, excelling across all levels of competition.

EUFC has supported awareness of mental health and cancer patients by fundraising events and pink clothing. Supporting and hoping to help those in need.   

 The first ever recorded women’s football game was on the 23rd of March 1895 in England. The first women’s international game was played on the 30th of April 1920 with 25000 people watching and supporting. On Boxing Day 1920, Dick Kerr played St Helens at Goodison park, 53 000 people watched.
By the end of 1920’s women’s football was attacking larger crowds then men’s, the FA found this intolerable and in 1921 the FA banned women’s teams from playing on football league grounds. It wasn’t until the men’s team won the world cup in 1966 that women’s football started back up and in 1969 the women’s FA was formed. In 1971 the FA lifted the ban so women could play on league grounds.

Women’s football took a while before opportunities arose giving chances to the younger generation to now be a professional footballer and get paid. Football had become more famous in Australia in 2008 when Sam Kerr joined the international team and changed the way men and women looked at football. Sam Kerr is known to be the best striker in the world in women’s soccer and has created more opportunities for the next generation with more sporting grounds, facilities and programs. It wasn’t until 2023 when Australian women’s team (The Matildas) came 4th in the world cup hat the sport industry skyrocketed and changed the nation forever. Women are now in the same pay grade as men and are creating opportunities for women’s football. Now football is a worldwide famous sport with women players and supporters everywhere.

  Women’s teams both central state and metro sides newly formed at Ellenbrook for 2024, striving to hit the NPL already being second on the ladder (central state), with a good atmosphere and young dedicated skilled footballers this team is sure to strive with coach Christine Coppin. With the central team winning last weekends game against Perth Saints 6-0 stealing second place, they are hoping to take out the league.

Christine Coppin is a talented footballer who played and coached at Bassendean united soccer club where she developed her skills, knowledge and passion for the game.

Christine is a passionate coach with a good eye for football. Christine is funny, nice, caring and fair while also being focused, composed and driven. Having insight and knowledge of the game and being involved with anything football related Christine is a great coach to have and a wonderful role model within our community. Both on and off the field Christine is a great mentor and friend who regularly keeps checks in on her players, keeping confidence and kindness within the team.

With achievements of :

–              Bachelor’s degree in education majoring in health and physical ed

–              Represented Australia Karate

-Represented Australia at the university games in football

–              Played Premier league in football W.A

–              Winner Australian open kumite over multiple years

-Coach W.A karate team

–              Female TD at EUFC

-FFA coach of the year 2024

–              Coach central state div 4 women’s team and metro team

With good coaches hard to find, Christine is able to read the play and give critical feedback come half time, giving guidance and the push to motivate players to take out those important wins.

Danielle Robertson, captain of the EUFC central state division team states,

After being out of the football scene for twenty years, it has been so reassuring to join a team that is full of enthusiasm and pride. Chris is extremely dedicated to her role as coach, has a positive attitude and focussed approach which builds the teams confidence and belief, not only in themselves but each other. We are so proud to be able to say we have the FFA coach of the year leading us through the 2024 season. With Chris’s guidance we can’t wait to see where woman’s football at EUFC will go in the coming years.”

Article by Elise Cunningham

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