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Bullsbrook covered in poo

A HAZMAT Advice is in place for parts of Bullsbrook, after the department of defence confirmed that DFES Helitaks engaged to fight yesterday’s fire, drew from water sources that have been identified as sewerage wastewater holding ponds.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Service WA has release the following warning notice for resident:

HAZMAT in Bullsbrook in the CITY OF SWAN ☢

Update time: 01:59 AM, 08 February 2024.

This is a new alert.

⚠ A HAZMAT Advice for effluent waste is in place for people on Doochary Street, Killybegs Street, Fintown Street, Balleybofey Loop between Donegal Entrance and Doochary Street, Ashton Road near the Kimberley Street intersection, the intersection of Chittering Street and Hurd Road, and Bullsbrook College in Bullsbrook in the CITY OF SWAN.

⚠ During bushfire suppression operations to protect the Bullsbrook College and surrounding properties, DFES Helitaks drew from water sources that have been identified as sewerage wastewater holding ponds. The Department of Defence has confirmed that these ponds are fed from reticulated water supply and do not have any PFAS chemicals present.

⚠ People in the impacted area do not need to be alarmed. The forecast high temperatures of 8 February 2024 and following days will assist in neutralising any residual bacteria. No buildings were directly targeted during bushfire suppression activities but properties surrounding the bushfire area may have been impacted by some aircraft drift spray.


– People in the impacted area who have water tanks for household use are encouraged to empty their tanks.

– If you are concerned about the water contaminating any structures or your vehicle, please hose them down.

– People with vegetable gardens or fruit trees should not harvest any crops for the next 48 hours. After this time, wash the produce thoroughly before consumption.

– Stay clear of the fire impacted areas and where firefighters may still be patrolling.

– Maintain personal hygiene as a high priority.

– People with medical concerns should contact their local doctor or call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

???? SCHOOLS ????

The Department of Education has advised Bullsbrook Community College will remain closed on Thursday 8 February. For more information contact your school directly or visit www.education.wa.edu.au.


DFES is working with WA Health, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s Pollution Response Unit and the City of Swan to mitigate the risk to the community.

ℹ For more information visit www.emergency.wa.gov.au

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