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City of Swan proposes ‘modest’ rates hike

The City of Swan has proposed what some ratepayers would see as a significant increase to rates, compared to the last two years, and has partially blamed a Western Power price rise for street lighting, as the reason.
This is the article posted at swanengage.swan.wa.gov.au:

After three years of no rate increases, the City of Swan is proposing to introduce a small increase to rates to continue to deliver high quality services and projects for our rapidly growing community.

The average increase for residential, commercial and industry rates is 3.75% per cent, which is significantly less than current levels of inflation.

The increase equates to, on average, $54 more annually per household, which is equivalent to just over a $1 a week. Pensioners in the City will pay even less, with a 50 per cent discount of up to $750 on their rates.

The City applies a differential rating approach to levying rates. That is, it distinguishes between different types of properties in the City based upon the predominant use of the land, and then uses that to determine the category of rate investment applied to each property.

This year is a Gross Rental Value (GRV) and Unimproved Value (UV) revaluation year for all local governments, and as such, many properties will see a change in their rates this year. This revaluation is based on an assessment by the Valuer General at Landgate, who determines the rental value of all homes and unimproved value of land.

The revaluation means some property owners will pay more rates, while others will pay less. There is no means by which a simple uniform dollar value increase can be applied.

We invite you to have your say the City’s proposed 2023/24 rates, from Thursday, May 4 until 5pm on Friday, May 26, 2023.

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