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Branching out: why do we need trees for our homes and neighbourhood?

The City’s urban forest was identified as an essential asset that provides cooling and shade, supports biodiversity, and contributes to mental and physical wellbeing, amongst many other factors. Protecting, maintaining and, ultimately, growing the City’s urban forest is an important topic we are addressing.

To address the urban canopy decline, the City’s Urban Forest Plan (2022) exhibits the vision for protecting and establishing the City’s urban forest through a series of strategies and actions.

One of the Plan’s actions is to ‘adopt a local planning framework to guide vegetation protection and retention through all stages of planning and development.’

To implement real change in retaining the City’s valuable tree canopy, we need a new planning framework that considers trees as valuable assets and protects them.

We would love to hear more from you about the role of tree canopy in your daily life and its contributions or drawbacks in relation to your property, street and neighbourhood.


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source https://swanengage.swan.wa.gov.au/

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