Climate Looneys, Freedom, Culture Wars and Wokeness – Voting guide for Hasluck (OPINION)

If you're in Hasluck and haven't voted yet and are still unsure, here's my guide based on my personal views. Perhaps it can help some people make up their minds. :)

Mark McGowan

A new electoral distribution in 2019 moved Ellenbrook from Pearce to Hasluck. Ellenbrook voters make up nearly a third of the close to 100k eligible voters in Hasluck. What we decide here will make a difference.

The Candidates

I’ll list them in the order they appear on the House of Reps (green) ballot paper.

  1. Williams, Jeanene – Independent – Trans activist – main objective is climate alarmism and trans inclusion. Means well but will direct preferences to Labor/Green. Needs to be near the bottom.
  2. Sturcke, BrendanGreens – Greens belong in a salad, not in the parliament. Dead last.
  3. Scott, Will – United Australia Party – Firefighter from Mundaring, pro-choice, pro-freedom, strong alternative voice. Vote 1.
  4. Clark, Pauline – Western Australia Party – West Oz centric, won’t preference either way but they were pro mandates. Can’t trust them not to side with Lab/Green. Near the bottom.
  5. Monck, Ian – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – Ghost, unfortunately, due to the rush to fill every seat. We know PHON and their policies, so he still goes 3.
  6. Wyatt, Ken – Liberal – Ken has served Hasluck well, but the big parties need to be sent a message that they can’t take us for granted. The only reason I put him above Labor and Green is because the Liberals are the slightly lesser evil.
  7. Smith, Marijanna – Australian Federation Party – Pro-freedom, pro-choice, some good policies. Won’t get in but top 4 for me.
  8. Lawrence, Tania – Labor – Tania’s nice, means well, local businesswoman, rides a motorbike. Wrong party though. Has to go below Libs.
  9. McCreanor, Steven – Liberal Democrats – pro-choice, pro-freedom, pro guns, free Assange, legalise pot. In the top 4.

Their Policies

Nothing ground-breaking for most of them, the major parties wheel out the same spiel they do every election and the minor parties come out with stuff that’s impossible to achieve but they know they’ll never be in a position to be taken to task for it.

Most of their policies are nothing new, the major parties throw a lot of money around and make a lot of promises. Election promises seem to get recycled every three years……trains, swimming pools, road funding…..

So don’t base your decision on election promises.

Their Preferences

The most important thing to remember here is that YOU control the preferences and where they go, NOT the party. The party how-to-vote cards you pick up are merely a suggestion based on the internal deals the parties make with each other.

Unfortunately, most people will blindly follow their chosen party’s suggestion and this can have a big impact on the outcome. Not only which one of them will win a seat but also who forms government eventually. If the two major parties are unable to form government by having won an outright majority, they will have to turn to smaller parties for support.

The parties how-to-vote cards will give you an idea who they will side with in the event of a hung parliament. An independent or a party who lists Greens or Labor in their top three means if you follow their htv card you will also be voting for Labor/Green in the end.

What’s in it for me

There are a number of factors that determine a voter’s motivation for choosing a candidate. Some people vote ‘red’ or ‘blue’ no matter what, in order to get their choice of prime minister. This ‘choice’ may be based on policies, personalities or who has the catchiest jingle. Many people also vote for their local candidate because they like the individual and they believe they will best serve the community, no matter which party they belong to. The vast majority are swayed by ‘what’s in it for me’, and a small minority votes with the thought of ‘what’s best for my country’, in the long term.

What’s Important


For some of us, the right to work and freedom of movement without having to compromise bodily autonomy with experimental medication, is very important. Labor has the worst record on this via the states, but the Liberals allowed them to do it.

National security

Traditionally, Labor and Greens have cut defence spending and will do so again. Greens hate defence force spending and Labor tend to pander to China’s Communist Government a bit too much…


We’ve been let down by both sides on this, losing the fundamentals in the curriculum, to be replaced with arty-farty rubbish infiltrating schools to the detriment of the basic three R’s.

‘Safe school’ programs teaching primary school kids about masturbation are a left initiative.


Labor spends more on this but where is the money coming from? Disability services need more funding but any social service needs a strong economy first, for the funds to be there.


Gender quotas, renaming of cheese, removal of statues, pronouns, the list goes on. We all think it’s crazy but don’t seem to connect the dots. If you vote left, this is what you get.

National debt

Neither side has a decent plan for debt reduction. Clive Palmer’s idea of slapping 15% tariff on iron ore exports is the best but neither side will have the guts to do it.


We have to look after the environment in a responsible and sustainable fashion. Sustainable for both the environment and our standard of living. Green/Labor will destroy exports and energy production for absolutely no gain whatsoever when it comes to emissions.


We need nuclear energy, both sides still to gutless to go near it.

My How-To-Vote in Hasluck

Green House of RepsYou have to number every box 1-9

White Senate – You have to number a minimum of six above the line or a minimum of 12 below.

courtesy of Mark Rowley

However, you have to remember that if you only number six above and none of them win enough votes then you will have ‘exhausted’ your vote which means it will essentially go nowhere. What this means is that your vote is gone. It will not have gone to the Greens but by not being there at all, it will still give the Greens/Labor an advantage.

Try to do at least 12 above the line and finish with Liberal.

In Summary

My view is that the country can not afford a Labor/Greens government.

Labor/Green will cut defence spending and won’t take a China threat seriously, greatly effecting national security.

The more aggressive climate policies of Labor, driven by the Greens, will mean a reduction in energy security, it will devastate the energy export industry and it will drive up electricity costs for both domestic and commercial, leading to higher cost of living.

‘Wokeness’ of the global left also infiltrates and effects the policies of the local left. Don’t think trans sex education in primary schools, chest feeding, progressives, gender pronouns, men in women’s sports comes only from overseas leftists…..if you let in leftist governments, this is what you’ll get.

However, the liberals have been lurching further and further to the left in order to appease the global noises from what is predominantly a left agenda.

What can we do? We can’t allow Labor/Greens to take over, nor can we simply put up with the Liberals moving closer and closer to the left until we end up with very little distinction other than by name.

The only option is to fill some seats in the House of Reps as well as the senate with smaller parties and independents, who still hold views reflected by the community.

So this basically means that we need to vote for so called ‘Freedom’ parties ahead of the Liberals, Labor and Greens to hopefully get a few independent voices in Parliament.

Vote wisely.