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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Working for change

The prospective member for Hasluck for the United Australia Party, Will Scott, spent Sunday morning in Ellenbrook answering questions posed by some undecided voters. Enjoying the sunshine at the idyllic lake setting of French Riviera Café, Will addressed some of the more pressing concerns of the constituents. ‘One of the biggest worries for suburban families is the potential imminent rise of home loan interest rates’ , he said. ‘ Just a small rise of a few percent can be enough to tip many mortgages into default territory. To safeguard against this, the United Australia Party will commit to fixing interest rates to no more than three percent.’

While most locals voiced similar concerns many felt that the two party system is so deeply entrenched that it is difficult for minor parties to cut through.

Will Scott acknowledges the challenges for smaller parties, ‘It’s difficult to change the perception that you need to vote for the major parties in order to achieve an outcome but we have to start somewhere. Change will come only if we keep working for it.’

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