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Local dog behaviour expert fights council for exercise space.

Henley Brook small business owner, James Fruze, is taking on the City of Swan for the right to operate a private dog exercise area on his semi-rural property.

His simple concept is to allow dog owners to rent short term, exclusive access to a secure and fenced off area in order to allow dogs to roam free without interference from other dogs or disturbing the public.
However, the council has rejected his application for www.leisurespace.com.au, citing it does not fit the ‘theme’ of the area.

‘Let’s stand together and demand that our council prioritises the well-being of our furry friends and approves private dog exercise areas in our community,’ James said via his change.org petition page.

‘As dog owners, we are deeply concerned about the lack of safe and enjoyable spaces for our furry friends to exercise and socialise. Many of us have had to resort to walking our dogs on busy roads or in public parks, which can be dangerous and stressful for both dogs and owners. We believe that our dogs deserve better and that private dog exercise areas are the solution,’ he said.

 James is taking his fight to the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage and anyone who would like to support his petition can go to


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